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Used Pianos

At Snadens Pianos we carefully select the second-hand pianos that we sell. We only choose second-hand pianos that we have sourced locally (not overseas) or that we have traded in.

We will usually send one of our experienced piano technicians to inspect and report on a piano prior to purchase. We only supply pianos of the highest standard and that allows the player to progress musically. Our range are playable, mechanically reliable and hold their tune.

Brands that we often have as second-hand pianos include Kawai, Yamaha, Rönisch, Steinway and other reliable makes including Petrof, Grotrian, Danemann, Weinbach, Bentley, Broadwood, Chappell, Kemble.

On this page, you will find a selection of our second-hand pianos, If you are looking for something in particular or might be interested in learning more Call us or visit us in-store.