Rönisch 186K Ebony Polish Grand (USED)

Rönisch 186K Ebony Polish Grand (USED)

Brand: Ronisch | Stock Id: 778-186K

A stunning Rönisch grand piano. This piano has a full, rich tone with great depth in the bass. Ebony polish finish. Made in Germany



Size: Length 186cm x Width 157cm x Height 99cm, 

Sound Board: Solid German Spruce

Action: Renner Action/Langer Key Sticks

Hammers: Abel Double Felted Mahogany Core German Hammers

Made in Germany


RÖNISCH 186 K Ebony Polish

Length 186cm
Width 157cm
Height 99cm
Sound Board Solid German Spruce
Keyboard Action & Hammers Renner Action/Langer Key Sticks
Abel Hammer Double Felted Heads
Finish Ebony Polish
Made in Germany

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