Shigeru Kawai had a dream to build the finest grand pianos in Japan, and with that dream came some of the best Kawai pianos in the world. Continuing the famous Kawai heritage in the 1950s, Shigeru foresaw rapid growth in the musical instrument industry and reasoned that the company could not continue to rely solely on traditional “handwork” production methods. Honouring his father, Hirotaka Kawai launched the Shigeru Kawai series of concert grand pianos in the early 2000s, creating the finest Japanese piano and introducing the world-famous Kawai Millennium III piano action with carbon fibre. Shigeru Kawai pianos combine traditional hand-craftsmanship with the finest technology, delivering a symbol of unending devotion A Shigeru Kawai piano is made exclusively from the finest spruce, aged by the traditional Kigarashi process that uses only the forces of time and nature to allow the wood to attain a state of natural balance. The future of piano is truly at your fingerprints with Shigeru Kawai, and we are proud to present our range at Snadens Piano.

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