Founded by Johann Christian Gottlieb Irmler in 19th century Germany in the town of Leipzig, Irmler pianos came to life and gained fast popularity for their excellent sound and wooden craftsmanship. Irmler specialised in the manufacturing of grand pianos, excelling in the industry and receiving many awards, most notably the royal medal by the King of Saxony which was the highest award of the state. Almost a century later, Irmler pianos were being recognised and gained a wide reputation outside of the German Empire and were being exported mainly to Russia and Scandinavian kingdoms.

Despite the Irmler factory being burned to the ground during WWII, its revival came about later on in 1999 by the Bluthner piano company which still produces and distributes Irmler pianos today. The pianos continue to be manufactured with the same traditional methods, using the finest materials and handcrafted to perfection. Irmler pianos will let you experience the charm of its virtuosity and rich tone for years to come. We invite you to visit Snadens today to try some of the best pianos from the Irmler Europe Line.


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