Bentley Esher Upright (USED)

Bentley Esher Upright (USED)

Brand: Bentley Esher Upright (USED) | Stock Id: 778-BENTLEY-ESHER

Beautiful in sound, appearance & touch, this Bentley Esher upright piano would make a fine addition to any home.

Warm, rich English tone. A true masterpiece. Very little playing. Amazing inlays and design.

Made in England.



Dimensions: 120cm Height x  56.5cm Depth x 145cm Width approx

Action: Langer action by Herburger Brooks

Soundboard: Solid Spruce

Made in England


Mahogany wood finish with inlays

Keyboard 88 Keys
Size & Weight Depth 56.5cm

Width 145cm

Height 120cm


Soundboard Solid Spruce
Frame Full Iron Frame
Action Langer by Herburger Brooks
Pedals Damper, Practice, Soft
Hammers Underfelted, Maple
Made in England


Due to ongoing product development efforts, specifications are subject to change without notice.

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