Kawai GX-2 Grand ex UWA

Kawai GX-2 Grand ex UWA

Brand: Kawai GX-2 Grand ex UWA | Stock Id: GX2-UWA

A fantastic opportunity to own a near-new Japanese-made 180cm Kawai GX-2 grand piano that has been used at UWA for teaching for just 2 years. For nearly 30 years Kawai has loaned the Conservatorium of Music at UWA with pianos and these pianos are changed over and sold to the public at extra special prices.



Dimensions: 180cm Depth x 152cm Width x 102cm Height

Action: Kawai’s Exclusive, Patented Millennium III Grand Action, Featuring ABS-Carbon Technology with Carbon Fibre

Duplex Scale: Dual Duplex Scaling for Added Tonal Richness

Soundboard: Solid Spruce; precision tapered; permanently crowned for long term stability

Warranty: Kawai 12 year manufacturer’s warranty

Made in Japan


GX Series – Grand Pianos

Available in Ebony Polish

Keyboard 88 Keys
Size & Weight Depth 180cm

Width 152cm

Height 102cm

Weight 324kg

Key Surfaces NeoTex
Action Millenium III Carbon Fibre Action
Hammer New GX hammer with reinforced hammer shank
Pedals Damper, Sostenuto, Soft
Music Rack Adjustable to five angles
Fallboard Softfall System
Casters Single Caster

Other Features:

  • Duplex scale (fore and back)
  • Lid prop stopper
  • Brass lid prop cup
  • Brace for inner side of rim
  • Kawai’s exclusive, patented Millennium III Action, featuring ABS-Carbon technology with carbon fibre
  • Exclusive NEOTEX Key surfaces: with moisture absorbing properties for greater touch control
  • Konsei Katagi rim: utilising a blend of distinctive hardwoods to achieve an ideal balance of tone
  • Vertically laminated bridge with solid Maple cap: for enhanced energy transfer
  • Continuous bridge: for smoother transitions between bass and treble registers
  • Elegant appointments: brass lid prop and cups, brass finials on plate, bevelled lid edges, spade legs
  • Hard finish music desk to preserve the piano’s beauty
  • Stretcher Over-Lap Integrated Design (SOLID): Double width stretcher bar for optimum strength
  • Extended length keysticks: for more even response from the front to the back of each key
  • Concert length key buttons: doubled in length to provide maximum energy transfer and optimum power
  • Solid Spruce precision tapered soundboard: permanently crowned for long term stability
  • Advanced scale designs created in the Shigeru Kawai Research and Development Laboratory
  • Dual duplex scaling for added tonal richness
  • Multi-grip pin block: laminated with 11 plies
  • Solid brass agraffes for even string spacing and easier tuning
  • Steel reinforced, multi-laminated keybed for strength and optimum energy transfer
  • Steel reinforced keyslip for strength and stability that avoids sticking keys
  • V-Pro plate: grey iron with “crossbone” design
  • Ultra-slow soft fall fallboard
  • Kawai 12 year manufacturer’s warranty

Due to ongoing product development efforts, specifications are subject to change without notice.

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