The Benefits of Learning on a Digital Piano

The digital piano is an electronic musical instrument that is increasing in popularity with each passing year – and for great reason! It is an instrument that’s great for complete beginners as well as those who are looking to get back into the groove of playing again. Below are just a few advantages of learning on a digital piano:


  1. Usually more affordable than acoustic pianos

Digital pianos are typically more affordable than high-quality acoustic pianos (digital pianos usually start from around $1,000 – $2,000), which makes them great for those who are discovering or are rediscovering how to play the piano as well as what they do and do not like. Additionally, as they cost less, beginners can easily start on one digital piano and then transition onto a larger one.

A welcome alternative to cheap, untunable, worn out second-hand pianos, digital pianos are in tune and often have a better touch and tone than many older second-hand pianos. In the case of Kawai digital pianos, all of them have a fully weighted hammer action as they try to replicate the touch and feel as closely as possible. 


  1. Multiple sounds/instruments

Most digital pianos now have a range of different sounds available to the player including different pianos (sizes, voicings etc.) organs, harpsichord, strings and more! Some digital pianos (mainly the CA & Novus ranges from Kawai) have a special ‘Virtual Technician’ setting which allows you to adjust the tone and response of the digital piano to your taste.


  1. Sleek and compact design

Most modern digital pianos have a sleek, compact (and some a lightweight) design which makes them great for apartments and small homes, moving them around your home (for example from the living room to the bedroom) or to take with you if you decide to move house.


  1. Headphone compatibility

This is one of the features that your family members and neighbours will truly thank you for. That’s right, with a digital piano you can plug in your favourite pair of headphones and can practice worry-free at any time of the day (or night) that you want! This particular feature is also great for beginners as it can help reduce distracting background noises while you are trying to learn and practice. Most digital pianos have two headphone jacks.


  1. Recording and playback feature

Most modern digital pianos will have a recording feature, which helps you to record and listen back to practice sessions to identify any problems that you might have missed while playing. It is also helpful for gaining feedback from your piano teacher as well as advice from friends and family members.


  1. Built-in metronome

It is now common for digital pianos to feature a built-in metronome to help musicians play in time.


  1. Low maintenance

As digital pianos do not require hammers and strings like acoustic pianos do, there is no need for tuning (although on some hybrid models some work on the action (regulation) is still required.


  1.   Some are compatible with apps and some have Bluetooth

Apps can help to make learning the piano a fun and engaging experience, especially for young children. Apps now exist on the market which can improve sight-reading skills, enhance your piano training, change the sound of the piano and more! However, having the support and guidance of a teacher is still the best way to advance your playing! Certain models have Bluetooth compatibility which can allow you to record directly onto your computer (Bluetooth MIDI) and/or allow you to stream music from your device through the digital piano’s speakers (so you can play along with your favourite music or just use it as a sound system) (Bluetooth AUDIO). 


Looking to buy a digital piano?

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