Kawai Cash Back Offer 2022

Kawai Pianos Cash Back Offer

Kawai is currently offering cash back on K-300, K-400 and K-500 piano models purchased from now until the end of the year!

If you purchase an eligible Kawai K Series upright piano model by 31st December 2022, you are eligible to claim a factory cash back and receive a pre-loaded Mastercard valued up to $800! To redeem this offer, submit a cash back form on the Kawai website by the 14th January 2023.

This cash back offer is only redeemable if an eligible piano is purchased from a participating piano store. Snadens Pianos is Kawai’s exclusive WA dealer for grand and upright pianos and the only piano shop in Perth participating in this cash back offer so visit our store in Nedlands to see and hear these incredible pianos in person.

Here are the Kawai Pianos we stock that are eligible for factory cash back upon purchase:

Kawai K-300:

One of the most popular and dependable upright pianos on offer. The K-300 is loved by professional pianists, piano teachers and students alike! It is perfect for home and studio use as well as some performance spaces!

Kawai K-400:

The K-400 has a uniquely built grand-style music rack for sheet music and music books, which also creates a resonating chamber that adds depth and character to the sound. This allows for easy reading at eye level. The soft fall fallboard and ebony polish adds to this upright piano’s distinctive appeal.

Kawai K-500:

This powerful and dynamic piano offers character and tonal richness perfect for professional pianists and performances. The K-500 is available in both ebony and sapele mahogany polishes.

See Kawai’s website for terms and conditions. Cashback offer ends on 31st December 2022. Redemption of the cash back offer ends on 7th January 2023.