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Made by Kawai, Played by YOU

Kawai grand pianos are among the world’s most popular, drawing on 95 years of traditional craftsmanship, and supported by an industry-leading 12-year warranty in Australia.

Purchase any GL or GX grand piano and receive a factory rebate up to $2500*

Offer ends 31st August 2024

Grand Piano


$500 Pre-paid Mastercard

The GL-10 offers the same careful attention to detail and quality found in Kawai’s larger pianos, with a classic “baby grand” profile that will adapt to almost any room.

Grand Piano


$720 Pre-paid Mastercard

GL-20 provides maximum performance with a minimum footprint. With advanced GL series features, it will surely surpass all expectations for a piano of its size.

Grand Piano


$1000 Pre-paid Mastercard

The GL-30 produces the same rich, full-bodied tonal character of a larger classic grand in a flexible size that will grace any home or studio environment.

Grand Piano


$1200 Pre-paid Mastercard

Kawai’s most popular classic grand size. The GL-40 is longer than many pianos in its class to provide greater bass resonance and enhanced tonal presence.

Grand Piano


$1250 Pre-paid Mastercard

The GX-2 combined the stately presence of a classic grand with an exquisite clarity of tone unmatched by other pianos in its class.

Grand Piano


$1500 Pre-paid Mastercard

The GX-3 impresses with a dignified elegance and distinct tone evoking the qualities of a much larger grand.

Grand Piano


$1250 Pre-paid Mastercard

The GX-5 is the artist’s “grand for all seasons”. With a resplendent tone and superb power, it adapts to a range of musical requirements and performance venues.

Grand Piano

GX-6 / GX-7

GX-6: $2250 Pre-paid Mastercard
GX-7: $2500 Pre-paid Mastercard

The GX-6 and GX-7 combine exquisite tones with stunning beauty to offer an instrument befitting the finest concert hall or professional studio.

*See for terms and conditions.