Ronisch 175 K Cherry Polish

Ronisch 175 K Cherry Polish

Brand: Ronisch | Stock Id: 536175-300016

The Smaller Grand Piano

The Model 175 was created as an option for piano enthusiasts who cannot accommodate a larger grand piano due to the lack of space.

For discerning musicians who demand the most advanced and responsive levels of piano touch and tone, Ronisch grand pianos provide the highest degree of action responsiveness and tonal beauty, combined with the timelessness of the grand piano style – the ultimate in sophistication. Ronisch pianos are powerful in tone, with a bold, commanding presence. The excellence of Ronisch pianos has been well established since 1845 – long before most other piano brands came into existence – assuring today’s owners of security, confidence and the pride of ownership rooted in an unusually rich and musical heritage.

175 K Kirschbaum poliert


Size: Length 175cm x Width 157cm x Height 99cm, 

Sound Board: Solid German Spruce

Action: Renner Action

Hammers: Abel Double Felted Maple Core German Hammers

Bench: Height Adjustable Bench Included

WarrantyRönisch 10 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Made in Germany


RÖNISCH 175 K Cherry Polish

Length 175cm
Width 157cm
Height 99cm
Weight 320kg
Sound Board Solid German Spruce
Keyboard Action & Hammers Renner Action
Abel Hammer Double Felted Heads
Finish Cherry Polish
Piano Stool Matching height adjustable stool included
Warranty Rönisch 10 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
Made in Germany

Due to ongoing product development efforts, specifications are subject to change without notice.